First ever blog.

Well, it was an interesting start to getting my first ever blog off the ground.  I logged onto wordpress late yesterday evening, and right in the middle of the free setup, Murphy’s Law decided to make it’s presence felt.

My Vaio PCG-GRT915M picked this moment to decide to clog up with dust, become noisy, and start to overheat.  Blammo, shutdown!

So eventually after some fiddling I opened the case and sorted the problem.

For those of you at home who don’t know how to open a Vaio to do this simple regular maintenance, I’ll show you the steps here, however unless you know what you are doing and take ESD precautions, dont attempt this at home, because I haven’t shown you all the steps, or exactly what screws to take out and where.

Most notebooks are similar in opening methods, and are quite compact inside, so if you’re nosey to see what’s inside your notebook – just look below.

Removing the Battery from the Vaio

Sliding open the speaker panel

Getting ready to remove the keyboard

The cause of the overheating - clogged fans

The outer fan with a large dust clog

By Mark McGimpsey

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8 Comments on “First ever blog.”

  1. Linchi Says:

    This is a “do not do this at home” type of thing. Who would have thought you would be so informative and provide pictures on your very first blog. Keep up the good work. It appears you have your “Vivid Vision” already in mind. Visit my blog at:

  2. Hi Mark
    It’s Criss here. Sorry about the cryptic name. LOVE the blog and photos. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  3. Jes Says:

    although those photos look pretty daunting, you’ve made me much more open to the idea of cleaning the dust from my computer. A relevant topic for most of us I bet…..
    Do you know anything about when your computer says it has a serious know one of those little windows which says: Send error report, don’t send….etc?


  4. Jes,

    The best answer I can give you on the error messages is – copy the message into the Google Search Box.

    You will get tons of hits as to what the message means and lots of advice on what to do about it.

    You can minimise these message by using two excellent programs called ‘AntiCrash’ and ‘Hare’ from

    AntiCrash has a sub component in the menu called ‘AutoRepair’ which with one click will automatically check and repair serious errors which naturally occur during computer use. It’s really is a ‘must have’.

    Mark McGimpsey

  5. John & Lela Says:

    Hey Mark,

    Great info, and a great blog. Our laptop is now quiet, but you’ll be hearing from us when we hear the whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! John says “right, one more thing to add to the honey do list”.

    John & Lela

  6. Mark

    Murphy got me too. I started my blog on Wednesday, and then lost my internet service for 3 days (weather related).

    Good content, and impressive techie stuff.

    John R Dempsey
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    Free 20 Minute Test

  7. Hi Mark,

    A BIG Thank-you.

    For the last 2 years my Sony laptop (idenical to yours) has been whining louder and louder and then started making a really high pitched painful noise…I knew the fan was getting blocked or failing but had no idea what to do.

    Numerous Googles over the years have failed to help until I found your excellent first Blog. Terrific. I had the old girl in bits at mid-night last night and jury rigged a thin tube to my Dyson with art brush attached. Every micron has been hoovered, the whole keypad, fans, airways etc,etc.

    Powered the old girl up and…nothing.


    Just a subtle hum. I am ecstatic. No more headaches or irritation I hope(I spend days on this laptop so it is crucial it is comfortable).

    Incidentally, If you might be replacing soon, check this amazing deal I found last night too:

    Incredible for the spec, thought I would share it.

    Thanks again. Regards.

    Richard. UK

  8. Hi Richard,

    Glad to be of help.

    Best wishes,

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