Look Before You Leap!

Every day, more and more people are becoming ever increasingly
discontented with the daily rat race, and direct their interest
to starting a home-based business.

For most people, once this threshold is reached, the desire to
start working from home is so overpowering that they become
vulnerable to making poor choices in the opportunity they
eventually embrace.

As a result, most fail miserably, and it’s not usually through
lack of determination, but several other reasons that can be
responsible for their dream turning into a nightmare.

It is the dream of staying at home, and enjoying the kids growing
up, of working your own hours, of extra money, and of financial
freedom.  A worthy goal.

In the past, there have been many work at home opportunities
banded about.  Multi-level business opportunities selling
everything from personal care, cosmetics, jewellery, hardware,
to vitamins and even electrical goods.  There have been the mail
order catalogue opportunities, and the party plans.  These
opportunities have made people money, and the rare few wealthy,
but they have also cost a lot of people a great deal of wasted time,
money and effort.

One of the reasons is inexperience.  People have spent years
developing the qualifications and skills for their ‘day job’, but
expect to start a home business and become wealthy almost overnight.
It’s a well known fact that over 50% of all new small businesses fail
in the first year, and 95% fail within the first five years, and we’re
not talking about home-based business here, we’re talking about all
small businesses.

Inexperienced people join MLM’s, (good companies like Amway), while
others join money making schemes after attending a meeting somewhere,
and yet all these people expect to succeed within a few months and
become wealthy.  What they don’t realise is that it takes time to
succeed, and as with any business, investment.

Financial investment and time investment.

If you go by facts and figures, the statistics are against them.
They are against any new small business venture, but especially against
some home-based opportunities, because the very nature of the business
has people working long hours, often door to door for little profit.
People end up burned out, tired, frustrated, and quit feeling very
guilty because they are told such things as ‘Winner’s never quit’.

Why become part of a work at home opportunity that is like a regular

Another reason people fail is because they are told it is only temporary.
If you build your network, and duplicate yourself they are told, you
will soon have enough volume that you won’t have to work as hard, and
you will have a recurring monthly income.

So people plod on and on becoming more and more disillusioned as their
people quit after a few months.  It’s usually the people who have some
of the necessary skills already that manage to forge ahead, and
unfortunately many of those who haven’t, just haven’t the time or the
money to gather those skills.  Some will make it, and some will excel,
but the majority of them will just quit.

When you base your future income on the efforts of others, it’s a two
edged sword.  It cuts both ways, but like any sword it usually cuts
better on the down stroke.

Another reason that many businesses fail is they offer products that
nobody really wants.  To put it another way, there is not a strong
market for the product.  John Paul Getty’s formula for making money
was, find a product that is needed, find a product that is consumable,
find a product that is affordable, find a product that is guaranteed
to work, and then sell it.  If you were selling cold soft drinks,
would you rather sell them on a cold winter’s day or on a sunny hot
summer afternoon at the beach?

If JP Getty were alive today, I guess he would add another
qualification, that the people behind the product or service have a
proven track record of success, and are not simply out to take
people’s money and run.

The problem is many of the home-business opportunities out there today
that are not so good, have promotions that sound every bit as good as
anyone else’s.  If you are looking for a home-based business
opportunity, decide what you want from it, and then examine it carefully.

Check with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and
the internet scam warning web sites for information.  Run a Google search
for ‘company name + scam’.  Go to www.mlmwatchdog.com and check there.

Be extremely wary of any opportunity that wants a large purchase up front.
Many of these opportunities show you cheques of hundreds of dollars earned
within a few weeks to entice you to join.  In many cases it is because the
new member has been persuaded to pay a large amount up front for a never
to be repeated introductory offer.

Be wary of money schemes on the internet that appear to be just that.
They spring up on a weekly basis, just as fast as the authorities can shut
them down.  Many people have invested reasonable sums of money and
watched their online earning grow, only for the company to be shut down
before they can get their money out.

So are all opportunities set to fail?

Not at all.

There are many ways to make money from home, but perhaps more now than ever, the best way forward is still the Internet.


Because the business of Internet Marketing can be taught.  There are many
successful people online who have started with nothing and built businesses
turning over from many thousands of dollars monthly, to millions of dollars
yearly over a decade or more.

2006 has been a booming year for Internet Marketers.  There has been a
phenomenal amount of high quality training information released by top
internet earners.

An internet business can be fully automated.  It is possible to do the work
by spending weeks not months, setting up systems, (or having them set up
for you), to have your web site and your computer sell for you unattended,
and for the first time ever this goal is within the reach of ordinary people
to achieve by learning from people with proven track records of success
from the convenience of their own home, at a pace, and at a time convenient
to them.

There are many areas of Internet Marketing that you can choose from, Ebay,
Affiliate Marketing (selling someone else’s product or service), information
products, software products, training (audio and video).

No, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, and no it’s not an automatic guarantee
of success because people are people, and believe it or not approximately
50% of people who buy teaching courses don’t open the cover, or only get as
far as the first couple of chapters.

But with a high quality training course, that will take you by the hand and
lead you step by step with written training material, and both audio and
video training from a company with a proven track record over a number of
years, there is no reason why the average person can not make a nice income from the internet.

For example, Inspiration Point and 6M Profit Method headed by Lisa Diane,
a business woman who thirteen years ago started from scratch, and who
developed a closely guarded marketing blueprint to success, which she uses
to generate millions of dollars annually, brought her expertise to the
internet in the last few years.  In the last few months she has opened her
secret blueprint for success to the masses, and founded the 6M community
where people who have bought her training program, backed by her proven
track record and personal commitment, can get ongoing training, and
frequently her personal advice for as long as they remain a member of
the community.

What is it you really want from a home business?

What is your focus?

Whatever your choice, make it an informed one!

Article by Mark McGimpsey

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2 Comments on “Look Before You Leap!”

  1. Sam Johnston Says:

    Lisa Diane’s book and material are good…. but they are basically the same as “the secret” and any direct response marketing course you’d find.

    Is Lisa Diane worth the money…. I don’t know.

  2. kabababrubarta Says:

    Good site! kabababrubarta

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