Borg Implants A Reality In Our Lifetime?

The University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom have developed an electronic switch based on DNA which provides a basic foundation for an interface between a living entity and a computer.

What are the implications?

History has proved with all great discoveries come great benefits and equally great hazards.

Possible benefits include artificial limbs powered by thought, new artificial organs, medical alert systems that may summon medical assistance automatically on detection of a life threatening situation, and automatic drug dispensing.

Direct brain links to information sources may also be possible, and here is where the ‘Dark Side’ of our natures may become our downfall.  Direct access to surveillance systems, monitoring hardware and software, virtual reality porn implants, and an eventual de-humanisation of our race.  Our combat soldiers and pilots may become something out of a science fiction movie.  The Cyborg may eventually become a reality.

We are already on the dangerous edge of cloning, are we now firmly on the road to Armageddon?

Article by Mark McGimpsey

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