Clobber Your Critics with Creative Content

So how do you keep your content creative?  What is the secret to nailing your reader to your page?

It really just depends on you, your writing style, and whether it is naturally expressive, or intellectual.  The intellectual approach is fine if your reader is looking specifically for factual information, but it can tend to be boring and tedious reading.

Think of the person who is bubbling with enthusiasm and the anorak who after a couple of sentences has you regretting ever opening your mouth.

Part of the challenge is that at school we were all taught to ‘structure’ our essays, but the Internet has caused some necessary changes to that approach, in that under most circumstances if your content is generally inexpressive, and unemotional, then people either skip read, or discard the content pretty quickly.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t create an outline or blueprint, (it depends on the target market of your content), but you must remember that the majority of people on the Internet have reading and writing skills of their teenage years.  Therefore you will have the most success if you write ‘naturally’ just as if you were talking rather than writing.  People love a story, and if you can tell an interesting story, you will capture your reader. 

Some principles still apply though.  Unless you are trying to sell something, keep it relatively short.  Everyone wants everything yesterday.  You should still have a reasonably interesting introduction and conclusion, and generally the conclusion should include some call to action.

Interesting information imprisons imagination.  Try it for yourself.

Article by Mark McGimpsey


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