Masterful Time Management Tips

Everyone has 24 hours to each and every day, so how come some manage to do more with their time than others?

The secret is simpler than you realise, it’s putting it into practice by eliminating distractions that is the greatest challenge.  The truth is everyone is challenged by managing their time.  It is not easy to juggle all your commitments, and everyone has their own challenges, be it business or personal.  Simply make an effort to change, and follow these simple tips, and you will immediately see a difference in your productivity.

Your priorities are in two areas, business and personal.  Unfortunately your personal priorities can change at a moments notice and impact on your daily plans, so expect this, and if possible make allowances and plan ahead.  It helps your stress levels.

Also you will find that your priorities fall into two distinct zones, immediate and accumulating.  Anything outside this is not a priority.  These other tasks are adaptable in that you can fit them in around your priorities whenever it suits.

Don’t rely on your memory.  It’s too easy again to be distracted and forget.  Carry a small hardback notebook, or a Personal Digital Assistant, and make notes of any ideas, or thoughts of importance before you forget.  How many times have you said, “I remember thinking I had to … but it slipped my mind.”

Each evening before you go to bed, empty your mind and spend a few minutes writing down and going over what you put in your notebook.

Now here’s the secret – Prioritise everything, and do your absolute best to dispose of your top priorities the following day.  Identify your accumulating priorities, and try to do something with them the following day, even if it is only a small amount of time.  For example, if you are a one person operation, consider allocating 5 minutes updating your accounts, rather than leaving them to turn into a top priority which requires days of addressing.  Do this each night and I guarantee you will sleep easier.

If you can, break down your tasks into areas, or modules, and delegate or outsource if you can.  Delegate or outsource as much as you possibly dare. 

If you can, schedule at least one 30 – 45 minute break somewhere in your daily schedule above and beyond timeout for meals.  Use this space for emergency rescheduling of appointments, working on your flexi-tasks, or simply as a stress buster break if you need it.  If your child is unwell going to school, perhaps that emergency break should be before noon that day.  As I said, try to plan ahead if you can.

Eliminate distraction, prioritise everything, and plan for the unexpected.  Time management is not easy, but it is relatively simple to take steps to make your day a more enjoyable and productive one.

Article by Mark McGimpsey

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One Comment on “Masterful Time Management Tips”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hi Mark

    Yes Time Management is a “big” thing around here. Some days we spread ourselves so thin we think we havent achieved ANYTHING for the whole day, but at the end of the day if you think about what you did do you can realise how “packed” your day was.

    Another thing I find really useful is a reatful journal. This makes you focus each day on what went good in your life and how much do DID rather than what you didnt.

    Great site – keep posting I am enjoying reading it.

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