Six Terrific Tips for Free Traffic

Everyone wants to know the answer to the big question.

How do I get traffic to my site or to my squeeze page to build my list or to sell my product or service?

Here is how to do it.

You either pay for it, or you generate it for free, period.  Getting free traffic still costs you believe it or not.  It costs you time, but if you are prepared to spend some time, you can get a good number of visitors heading to your site within hours.  However to get good quality targeted traffic takes a little bit more of an effort.

To get free traffic, the first tip and the quickest way to start driving traffic is by joining traffic exchanges.  These are sites where you browse other people’s sites and in turn, your web site, or squeeze page, is browsed by them.  These visitors to your site are not targeted, (not specifically looking for your product or service),  but you stand a chance of immediate sales and of immediate signups to your list.

The second tip is, if you are cute, you can leverage your efforts by having an exit traffic pop under appear after each visitor leaves.  As these often work to credit you with one visitor per two exits, if you have 2000 free visitors coming to your site, then with the exit pop up in place, you have turned that into 3000 visitors in total for no extra effort.  Just search Google for ‘traffic exchange’ and for ‘exit traffic’ for more information.

The third tip is blogging.  A blog if you don’t know what it is, is a web page that reads like a diary.  Content is posted to the page just as often as you wish, and that content is usually themed to your interest, hobby, business, or product.  Once you make your post, you then visit another site, such as and ‘ping’ your blog.  Pinging is simply clicking on a site such as this in which you enter the location of your blog, and this site then informs a number of search engines to go and crawl your blog content.

People with similar interests or looking for answers you might be supplying, visit your site.  If they like what they see, they may link to your blog, or refer it to someone else.  If you are smart and have placed links in the posts to your website, squeeze page or even the blog itself (usually in your signature), then you can have back links fairly quickly appearing across the internet, exposing your content to more people, and sending you traffic.

The fourth tip is boosting the process by writing articles, (just like this one), and then submitting them to article directories.  Again as each article contains your chosen links, when these articles appear on other web sites or in ezines, you have more back links sending traffic back to you.  While this type of free traffic takes longer to generate, it has longevity.  This traffic can continue to come back to you for years afterwards and is a very worthwhile traffic generation method to use.  I use ( a paid service), which in turn submits my article to hundreds of article directories saving me the hours of work necessary if I wanted to do this at no cost.  There are also other such services such as Article Marketer which use a similar system.

Continuing with blogging to generate traffic, the next tip is visiting other blogs and forums and leaving a genuine comment, question, or compliment.  As you get to leave your link in your signature, spending an hour each day will generate quite a bit of traffic as over time people see your post and may click on your link.  If the blog is a popular blog, then you may be exposing your link to thousands of people.  Consider, where people post questions looking for answers.

Another tip is social bookmarking.  It takes a couple of minutes to submit your article to who in turn distribute it to around fifteen other social bookmarking sites.  Consider Squidoo and etc.  More traffic.

All it takes is a little effort, and the rewards can be handsome indeed.

Article by Mark McGimpsey

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2 Comments on “Six Terrific Tips for Free Traffic”

  1. Jon Says:

    Are you asking people to spam blog’s?

  2. No Jon, but if you visit and take the time to read someone’s blog, then do
    your best to leave a ‘genuine comment’, question or compliment.

    People like to know you have visited, and if your post is interesting or
    complimentary, your link is more likely to be permitted to stay rather
    than be moderated.

    Thanks for your question, and apologies for not replying sooner. I missed
    seeing your comment.

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