Maximize Your Free Traffic

A traffic exchange normally works by you clicking on a button
or image, which then displays a web site in a browser window.

You are credited with the ‘hit’ and you then have to wait an
average of 15 seconds or 30 seconds before you can view
again, earning another hit.

Earning two or even four hits a minute is a slow way to build up
the necessary ‘hits’ to get the exchange to send you traffic in
return, because not all of them give you a 1:1 return. Most give
you a 1:2, meaning for every two times you view a site, you get one
return view back.

Here is the most intelligent method of maximizing those unproductive
seconds between views.

Use a Traffic Exchange launcher, which at the click of a button, launches
a number of separate browser windows instaneously. You then R/Click
on the taskbar and click on ‘Cascade Windows’ to have all the open
windows listed across the screen.

This allows you to immediately click on one exchange to score a hit,
then ‘minimise’ that window, and then move on and click on the
next traffic exchange afterwards.

By doing this you earn 10 hits in a thirty second period overall, and all
your open pages will finish minimised in the taskbar. All you do is
R/Click the taskbar icon and again select ‘Cascade Windows’ and do
it all over again.

It won’t take long to generate 1000 traffic hits using this method, but you
will have to spend about an hour joining at least 10 exchange sites and
entering your site URL into each exchange. Each exchange will do its
best to persuade you to upgrade to more traffic for around $100 a year,
you just have to be ready to resist that temptation. You are there for
free traffic, not to spend several hundred dollars, so try not to become
distracted and read too many of the sites.

If you would like the Traffic Exchange Launcher program it is $10. It’s
not necessary to actually use it, you could for example list all the login or
start pages in the browsers ‘Favourites’ and open each window separately
in a new tabbed browser window, and then cascade the open windows
from there.

Personally I like the one click does all method of the launcher, and it does
save a couple of minutes waiting for all the pages to load.

If you like the idea of free traffic and would like recommendations, here
are the links to ten of the top exchanges and the Traffic Exchange Launcher.

For those people interested in driving traffic to a new
web site, or to a squeeze page to build a list, this is a
good way to make a start.


Article by Mark McGimpsey

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One Comment on “Maximize Your Free Traffic”

  1. Harry Nguyen Says:

    Traffic exchange is an excellent source for free online advertising. Advertising on a traffic exchange is an art. The most effective way is to NOT submit your blog or website directly. You should use a squeeze page to capture leads to build your list. You can then email your list about your blog or website using an autoresponder like aweber.

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