Alignment problems, FireFox and Internet Explorer

I ran into an interesting challenge lately when building a web page in Internet Explorer.

I was using an image and trying to use a layer over the top. It works fine in Explorer, but when I viewed the page with FireFox, the table in the layer over the top had dropped off the bottom of the image.

The only way I was able to resolve the problem was to create a table the exact size of the image, insert the image in the table as a background image, and then align the table over the top just as if the image was never there in the first place.

I was trying to use an image and place an auto responder box on top of it. This was the only way I could get the web page to view reasonably accurately and across the different browsers.

My coding skills are only average, so there may well be a more efficient way to do this. For me however this was the easiest solution to my challenge.

The application I was using to build the web page with was DreamWeaver. If you should come across this problem yourself and are frustrated by it, try this and works reasonably well.


Mark McGimpsey
“Discover the secrets to lightning quick mental arithmetic!”


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