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Christmas Winners Announced

December 24, 2006

The two winners of the Christmas Draw for a free life membership
of the IwantMegaTraffic program are announced today.

I will be contacting both prize winners by email, but before I do
announce the winners, I would like to wish you all a
Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I would also like to give all my subscribers and anyone else who
visits this blog a Christmas Gift (actually two of them).

One is a package of Christmas recipe ebooks and the other
a package of several PLR ebooks.  All come with a licence
so you can sell them yourself or give them away too if you wish.
There is no requirement to give an email address, just go download
them here:


Alvin Yudistira  and  Andrea Grungo  both win Free Traffic
VIP Membership to IwantMegaTraffic.

Mark McGimpsey 


Christmas Wishes (Video)

December 24, 2006

Mike Stewart (The Audio Guy) has made a Christmas Video
Message in which he plays the guitar and ‘Hark The Herald Angels Sing’.

I’d like to share the message with you.

See it here:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mark McGimpsey


December 2, 2006

Just a short note to readers following up on my Channel Crossing story about Captain Matthew Webb.

Captain Webb married in 1880, and had two children.  Sadly 3 years and 3 months later he was dead attempting another extreme stunt. Tempted by earning a fortune of £12,000 pounds, he undertook to swim across the Niagara River in the rapids below the falls, even though many considered it suicidal. 

Tempting providence, he jumped into the turbulent waters from a small boat and within 10 minutes was ensnared by a vicious whirlpool and dragged under.  It was four days before his body was recovered.  His grave can be found in Oakwood Cemetery, Niagara Falls.

Mark McGimpsey

Proof of Publishing

November 25, 2006

I thought I should include this as I am submitting these articles to directories and some of the directories that have accepted some of my articles, have requested links back to their sites.

As Featured On Ezine Articles – Free Content for your Web Site and Newsletters. – free articles for reprint

Update to the IwantMegaTraffic Members area

November 19, 2006

A new bonus has been added to the members area – Bloggs and RSS by Brandon Hong.

Mark McGimpsey